[OSM-dev] User preference for editor

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri May 1 00:32:29 BST 2009


Thomas Wood wrote:
> Others have stated before that the mime type option is really the only
> sane one for this sort of thing, rather than the awful localhost URIs
> the the JOSM remote control uses presently. 

Call me biased but I find a certain elegance in the way these "awful 
localhost URIs" do not require any configuration. You do not have to 
register JOSM as an application for a certain MIME type; you do not have 
to fiddle with your browser configuration to install a helper 
application; just fire up JOSM and it works.

Granted, the localhost URIs fail miserably if you do not have JOSM 
running already. If it were'nt for the same-origin policy one could at 
least call them using XMLHttpRequest and present a popup on error...

(I'd love to be able to write: "You can carry JOSM with you on an USB 
stick and run it in an Internet cafe with no privileges on the machine", 
but unfortunately we still lack a "--my-home-directory-is-on-the-stick" 


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