[OSM-dev] Q. about indoor routing: Overlaying way-graphs, tags for floor, stairway, escalator, lift?

Graham Jones (Physics) grahamjones at physics.org
Sat May 9 08:44:15 BST 2009

Interesting idea.

I would be inclined to try to make it work with existing tagging schemes
rather than invent a new one (would mean you could use an existing routing
application with little, if any modification).

There is not really a significant difference between this and a multi-level
road interchange is there?  This would mean we could use 'layer=xxx' to show
the floors.
The main addition would have to be a tag for an elevator - stairs are really
just footpaths, and there is already a tag for them.

The main problem may come in editors - how to select the correct node, way
etc when there are lots on top of each other.

Therefore I think it should be achievable without too much trouble in terms
of the data analysis, but it might need a modification to an editor.


2009/5/8 Stefan Keller <sfkeller at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
>  On July 5th there has been a featured image of an inhouse route to FH
> Hannover Campus (c.f. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Featured_images)
> Are there any opinions and proposals on handle indoor routing?
> Indoors means to me among others to have
> * floors (elevation/altitude is not enough!)
> * stairways, escalators
> * and lifts between floors.
>  1. Is it possible to handle that many topologically only partially
> connected ways (graphs)?
> 2. How to tag this? With "level=2"? or better with floor=2?
> 3. How about several nodes (on different floors) with the 'same' coordinate
> but different elevation/altitude?
> Yours,
> S.
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