[OSM-dev] RFC: map call to return deleted elements

Matt Amos zerebubuth at gmail.com
Fri May 22 15:36:11 BST 2009

to make it easier to support undeleting and pre-upload conflict
checking, it has been suggested that an API call (a "proper" API call,
not AMF!) be written to allow the fetching of deleted items in a
certain area.

rather than write a different API call, i'm suggesting that the map
call be modified to have an additional optional parameter
"?visible=(true|false|both)", where true is the default, which
controls whether visible items are returned, invisible ones, or both
visible and invisible. here are the proposed changes to the effects of
the call:

1) visible parameter not provided, or ?visible=true, or ?visible !=
(false|both): same effects as previous versions of the map call: only
visible nodes in the bbox or which share a visible way with those in
the bbox are returned along with those visible ways and any visible
relation which contains any of those nodes or ways.

2) visible=false: finds all non-visible nodes within the bbox,
returning those and any non-visible ways which use them and any
non-visible relations which use either the ways or nodes. non-visible
items are returned as open XML elements with no tags, way nodes or
relation members.

3) visible=both: finds all nodes in the bbox, returning those, plus
any shared by ways (visible or not), plus those ways and relations
(visible or not) which use any of those nodes or ways.

comments, please :-)



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