[OSM-dev] aviation maps?

Ákos Maróy akos at maroy.hu
Wed Aug 11 18:32:53 BST 2010


> Just note that these things (airspace, route structures, waypoints
> etc) change, and there is a *very* specific schedule that they must
> change on this is all very tightly controlled and defined. If your aim
> is to do this for fun, much of that is not important, OTOH, if you
> intend for people to fly with these charts, you need to be aware of
> these procedures, regulations etc and ahere to them.

I am aware of these processes.

actually, regulations say that you have to conform to the regulation :)
they don't tell you what charts to use.

also, all changes are available and communicated well in advance, so
that people have time to update their charts.

> Not trying to discourage your efforts, just make you aware of the
> whole range of issues you have to cosider ... I speak from (failed)
> experience here trying to create a global dataset of Aero data in
> order to break Jeppesens monopoly.

that's a difficult nut to crack indeed :)

I'm not aiming that high. I just want to have a VFR map that I can
reasonably trust :)


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