[OSM-dev] Announcing: Simple Map Editor (GSoC 2010)

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Aug 16 12:26:26 BST 2010

Am 16.08.2010 12:46, schrieb Mike N.:
>> I'd like to announce my GSoC 2010 project which is nearing completion,
>> a simplified editor for OSM aimed at beginner users.
> Looks great - I hope we can apply the concepts here to create simple
> editors to encourage new users to participate.
> One minor tagging note: It uses the tag phone= for the phone number, but
> that is officially a rejected tag according to the Wiki. The recommended
> tag is contact:phone= . However many map consumers also only use phone=
> rather than contact:phone=

osmdoc.com gives 12092 uses for "phone=" and 891 uses for "addr:phone=" 
so I'd change what's in the wiki and use "phone=" and "fax=" and "website=".

For any Reasons "email=" is not as popular as "addr:email=".


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