[OSM-dev] Mapping during license change / "safe to edit"

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 26 09:07:47 BST 2010


Alan Mintz wrote:
> That may well be true, but AFAICT, we can't even know that since there 
> is no clear definition of what to do with the middle cases. It also 
> makes me think that, instead of preserving existing features, when I 
> survey a road or POI, I should delete it and then add it back again to 
> make sure it falls in one of the 100% cases. That can't be right. Has 
> there really been no consensus on implementation

I think that the matter has never been seen as very important because it 
is assumed that the overwhelming majority of people will agree to the 
license change, so in the end the number of cases where such problems 
arise will be small.

When I saw that some mappers had their doubts and were starting to hold 
back on mapping I thought it would be good to reassure them by saying 
"these objects are already safe to edit". But on second thought, maybe 
that just creates *more* unsecurity. Maybe the right thing to do is 
really just encourage everyone to go on as usual, assuming that in the 
end most data will be safe anyway.


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