[OSM-dev] relations refering to deleted objects

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 26 11:41:53 BST 2010


Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Or you could actually read the code and tell me where amf_controller is
> writing to the database without undergoing the model's usual integrity
> checks. Because AFAIK they are exactly the same as those in the XML API and
> there is no, repeat no, basis for you to make snitty little insinuations
> like this.

To Stefan's defence, I must admit that it was me who first talked of 
"software that did not use the API". I'll try to reduce my habitual 
Potlatch-bashing; as you know it its tongue-in-cheek on my part but it 
seems that people often take it seriously.

I love Potlatch! All Germans do.


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