[OSM-dev] pbf2osm development has started [code to test!]

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Mon Oct 25 09:56:39 BST 2010

> The current plan is also to equip mapnik with a pbf reader. (Mapnik devs
> here at the Mentor Summit...) but that does require a C++ approach, which
> might be beneficial for Merkaartor as well. So we could also team up
> rewriting the code using the C++ protobuf for integration in Merkaartor and
> Mapnik.
> Sure. I don't think the C -> C++ will be problematic.

Things that I must do for Merkaartor:
- Take the logic out of main() - obviously. Maybe move the logic to a "bool
process_pbf(FILE* in)" function.
- Move the XML generation out, maybe replacing the "#define"'s by some
function pointers (possibly #ifdef'ed to keep the standalone pbf2osm as it

If you'd accept some related patches, it would greatly improve
re-usability and trackability of pbm2osm...

- Chris -
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