[OSM-dev] Renderd problems.

Samir Faci (Dev) dev at esamir.com
Wed Sep 29 15:04:35 BST 2010

Aside from this one occurrence, I haven't had any issues with renderd,
at least not in regards to queue time.

render_list does seem to have a bug where it ignores the -l,
--max-load=LOAD value.  Though I need to look at it a bit more to see
why its not using the value, I'm passing.

Now, I do have one question regarding the shapeindex and shape files
(ie.  processed_p.shp ).  Does running or loading a planet file modify
the shapeindex?  or should it affect it in anyway?

I have the world_boundaries, shorelines, and processed_p deployed as a
Debian package.  I was presuming these files were fairly static aside
from when there's an update that needs to be fetched from the website.

Does the shapeindex need to be updated with any frequency?


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 3:18 AM, Peter Körner <osm-lists at mazdermind.de> wrote:
> Am 29.09.2010 10:10, schrieb Jon Burgess:
>> I'm not sure what went wrong for you but the main OpenStreetMap server
>> regularly runs with the queue full of 1000 requests. I'm not aware of
>> any fundamental problems in renderd with handling this level of load.
> We started with a very small number of pre-rendedered tiles on disk when we
> routed (for some minutes) a lot of traffic to the server. mod_tile tried to
> push all tiles in the renderd queue but renderd had a hard limit of 1000
> tiles in the queue. This limit was reached filled after seconds and from
> that point on the render processes tarted to deadlock themselves anyhow and
> the throughput got drastically down.
> I did not check which part of the whole process was the reason for all this
> but tirex does not have this hard-1000 limit and works much better with the
> huge number of styles.
> I don't say renderd is somehow bad, it was just not the right tool for our
> inhomogeneous and fast-changing setup with a lot of different styles.
> Peter
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