[OSM-dev] Problem with duplicate keys

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> Ok, so I could extract my areas from a planet.osm with osmosis  but how
> could I extract from planet osm Dominican Republic and Russia ? and then
> how could I apply diffs ? Now I am downloading the extracts from the
> countries and then I am getting differences with osmosis to finally
> apply with osm2pgsql. Could I do the same applying planet diffs to a
> extract ? I am not sure about that.

What you certainly need are border polygons of these two regions.

After having applied .osc files you will want to clip the resulting .osm file again. There is no sense in clipping .osc files because they do not necessarily supply geo-coordinates for all containing ways and relations, hence you need to update the .osm file first and clip it afterwards.

As far as I know, osm2pgsql is able to limit a region, but I think the program cannot process .poly files.

There are different ways to update an .osm file. Most people use the standard too Osmosis for this purpose and are very happy with this solution.
I chose to write and use osmconvert, it's much faster but has some other disadvantages.

You will find some howtos in the OSM Wiki.
"Howto minutely hstore",

Merging Border Polygons:
If the geographical regions of two border polygon files do not overlap, you can merge them easily by concatenating their contents. Most programs are able to process .poly files which have two or more polygons, some programs can even handle polygons with wholes. osmconvert certainly does, Osmosis presumably too.


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