[OSM-dev] OSMF Engineering Working Group inauguration

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Mon Aug 22 11:36:21 BST 2011

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to mention I'm interested in helping.  Sadly I am
unavailable today, though normally I would be at the time selected.

Couple thoughts I have about the rough agenda:

* Barriers for entry for getting started:

People seem to have issues getting the rails port working.  Perhaps
creation of VM with development environment?  That would allow those
who maybe can just do JavaScript and CSS still to contribute

Documentation (this of course depends on the specific project).  Are
there holes in the documentation that could be improved?

* Small Projects that are mentored to get developers started:

I don't have any great ideas about this.  I don't actively contribute
to any of the main OSM projects by actually coding, though I'm willing
to help mentor if there is a way that makes sense.  Are there
individuals who come in and want to contribute code and don't map that
need basic OSM mentoring?



On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 8:09 PM, Matt Amos <zerebubuth at gmail.com> wrote:
> the "Engineering Working Group"[1] is a new group set up with the
> purpose of helping stimulate the development community surrounding
> OSM. you don't need to be a developer to join - we're interested in
> hearing from everyone and ideas are welcome. software enables us to do
> the mapping we love, and to make use of the data we collect, so making
> our software better is part of making OSM better.
> although IRC isn't a perfect communication medium it's easy to set up
> and it's interactive, so i've set one up over at #osm-ewg on OFTC.
> just to kick off, i suggest a meeting next week on:
>  Monday 22nd at 5pm GMT
> (5pm CEST, 6pm BST, 1pm east-US, 10am pacific-US)[2] to start the conversation.
> a very rough agenda for the meeting, including but certainly not limited to:
>  * what are the barriers-to-entry for new developers?
>  * are there small projects (perhaps mentored?) which new developers
> can take on?
>  * what can be done to improve the usefulness of communication between
> developers and users?
> hope to see you there,
> matt
> [1] it's not necessarily the best or most descriptive name, but it'll
> do for now. other suggestions include "Development Support Group" and
> "Software Working Group".
> [2] yeah, i know, but no matter what time is chosen it'll be bad for
> someone. i suggest we start with this and i'm open to suggestions
> about rotating the time or setting up other communication channels
> which are less time-zone sensitive.
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