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Jaime Crespo jynus at jynus.com
Fri Dec 16 13:17:44 GMT 2011

El 16/12/2011 11:15, "Frederik Ramm" <frederik at remote.org> escribió:
> Ander,
> On 12/16/11 10:09, Ander Pijoan wrote:
> Such information is almost certainly not suitable for OSM.
> Under no circumstances should you import data for all of Spain while
sitting at your desk - if at all, then you can help local users to import
cadastre data where there's interest and where there *are* local users to
begin with.

Even if I agree that I like user contributed content above cold imports,
when I learnt about the availability of this dataset, I knew it could be
very useful. We are talking here about official administrative staff
(similar to boundaries) which cannot be surveyed: landuses and building
shapes. Buildings could be traced from ortophotography, but with the
relation stuf it is both boring and very imprecise (compared to
1-metre-acurate always-updatable import). Sincerely, I prefer people
working in surveying amenities, mountain tracks, names, routing, etc. This
import have nothing of this.

I, as one of the "local users", am the one that is fearing any problem and
checking progresses. But I want also thank Ander for his work, because he
is doing all the hard work that nobody had time to do for this import (and
even answering all suggestions).

Anyway, I am the first person that could see problems for future
contributors. But my beliefs are that they should be addressed within the
editors' scope: things like better handling of layers and relations for
buildings and landuses. 90% of the corrections I point to new users have to
do with multipoligons.

Jaime Crespo
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