[OSM-dev] Tileserver restricted to a region, anyone?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Feb 7 08:18:34 GMT 2011


    the oenstreetmap.de tile server doesn't perform well enough to run a 
whole-planet tileset so I've restricted the database to Europe.

As only the database is restricted, you can now zoom on to any region of 
the world but it will look like there's no data there which is a bit 
strange. I would prefer to show standard OSM tiles in areas where our 
tile server draws a blank.

I am looking for either (a) an OpenLayers layer/code/configuration that 
will automatically direct requests for tiles outside a given area to 
another tileserver or (b) a mod_tile patch or clever Apache config 
snippet to do the redirects.

Has anybody done this yet? I am tempted to solve the problem by writing 
a Perl script that generates a few hundred lines of Apache RedirectMatch 
lines to achieve the desired goal, even though solving it in OpenLayers 
or mod_tile would probably be more efficient.

I know I can make it so that OpenLayers doesn't allow panning out of a 
given region but that, again would give the impression that OSM was 
limited to that region, which I want to avoid.


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