[OSM-dev] Inherited an OSM server - guidance needed please

Stephen Westrip steve.westrip at metafour.com
Thu Feb 17 13:56:02 GMT 2011


I have taken over the admin of an OSM setup that seems to have
Tirex/Mapnik/Postgres as the key parts of the process. My predecessor did
not brief me properly, and I was not involved in the original setup, and all
does not appear to be working as it should. The server is has 12 processor
cores and 16Gb of RAM with 15K SAS drives. What I have noticed is the
following, principally from looking at 'tirex-status -e':

   1. Tiles from zoom levels 1-10 timeout rather than render; tiles from 11
   upwards render OK. What time should I expect a tile to render in for, say,
   zoom level 9?
   2. When a tile times out it leaves the Postgres process, which is on a
   separate (similarly powered) server, hanging until that eventually times out
   as well. When tirex/mapnik makes the call to Postgres should it open and
   close that connection and then start rendering, or does it keep the Postgres
   connection open the whole time? The load on the database server gets to very
   high levels.
   3. Is having Apache/tirex/mapnik on one server and the database on
   another the best way of setting this up.

Many thanks in eager anticipation.

Stephen Westrip
Metafour UK Ltd
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