[OSM-dev] OSM formats optimised for client-side vector rendering?

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Fri Feb 18 00:21:15 GMT 2011

On Thursday, February 17, 2011 03:20:30 AM Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> However I'm wondering if there is any consensus on a "standard" OSM data format optimised for vector rendering. There seems to be the OSM Mobile Binary Protocol though by the looks of things, that's only used in one application: the Symbian app "whereami". So does everyone just use their own or are there any formats used by multiple apps?

Probably not useful to you, since it appears to be proprietary, but it's worth mentioning—the format used by MapDroyd/NavDroyd for Android is fantastic:


Reasonable file sizes, and very quick/responsive vector rendering on even first-gen Android phones.

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