[OSM-dev] Is There Any Other Java Toolkit for OSM File Processing except Osmosis?

Zhijie Shen zjshen14 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 14:56:25 GMT 2011

Hi Matthias,

The video mapping looks interesting and inspiring. Thanks for your sharing.
If I can publish my work sometime later, I will let you know :-)


2011/2/23 Matthias Meißer <digi_c at arcor.de>

> hi Zhijie,
> this sounds quite good, esp. cause there is no industrial standart to save
> GPS informations as a substream within the video.
> You might get an impression on our experiences at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Videomapping
> The people at NAVIT has some Argumented reality extension. Even if this is
> just a visual aspect, it might help you.
> Would be great if you drop me a line when you published the work, so I can
> reference it in my thesis :)
> regards
> Matthias

Zhijie Shen
School of Computing
National University of Singapore
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