[OSM-dev] i18n updates for osm.org from Translatewiki

Claudius claudius.h at gmx.de
Tue Mar 8 22:35:34 GMT 2011

Thanks for the detailed reply, Tom.

Am 08.03.2011 22:37, Tom Hughes:
> On 08/03/11 20:58, Claudius wrote:
>> Anyone knows who can push updates from translatewiki [1] to the
>> openstreetmap.org live page? I recently did some updates to the farsi
>> website translation and then there are some outstanding fixes to the
>> german translation.
> The TW guys take care of pushing updates into our repo, usually once
> every week or two. The last one was a couple of days ago,

Are there any rules for a minimum amount of translated strings in a 
language to be present to be pushed? Farsi is currently at 38%.
I did a lot of changes to the "fa" website translation on March 1st and 
I saw that Siebrand did a push from TW on March 6th [1] which did not 
include the fa.yml for the website.



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