[OSM-dev] Something wrong with the renderer?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu May 5 17:45:16 BST 2011

If you have a look at the rendering queue graph on yevaud, you'll see
that the rendering load has increased dramatically since the beginning
of 2011.


Often, those scraping the tile that they will likely never view do not
understand that they are causing an unreasonable load on OpenStreetMap
resources.  That load is already affecting mappers, as indicated by
Manuel's query to this list.  If unchecked, this abuse of
resources-for-mappers by consumers-of-maps, would be Very Bad for OSM.
 And then, bad for those map consumers too, obviously.

The admin team is working on technical responses to reduce the impact
of irresponsible consumers, without harming mappers.  Your
suggestions, working examples and patches are, I'm certain, welcome.
The discussion on #osm-dev around this topic is often lively.

There is a social component to this as well.  Some of the application
developers have been responsive when advised of their impact on OSM
resources, and moved to more-responsible use of our resources.  This
response varies but can include building their own tile server, or
sourcing OSM tiles from other servers.

If you know of an application that consumes OSM tiles, you can help by
advising them of the tile usage policy, and guiding them to
responsible use of our resources.


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