[OSM-dev] Improving History and Monitoring

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 16:24:32 BST 2011

> I have never found any use for the big changeset indication that was there 
>before, other than to make me depressed when I click on history for a random 
>area and find, invariably, that 19 of the 20 edits listed are shown as big.

It's useful to quick find the one that isn't big! 

> I have no objection to distinguishing friend edits, or bot edits (if we had a 
>way to know which they were, which we don't).

Cool. bot=yes tag on the changeset is a good first step.

> I don't see the point of distinguishing "big" edits because people don't really 
>care - the only thing they really case about is whether the edit touches a given 
>area. Big is simply a (poor) proxy for that.

I disagree strongly. I think people really do care, enough that any proxy is 
good for the moment ... what percentage of big edits cover any particular area?

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