[OSM-dev] Improving History and Monitoring

Erik Johansson emj at kth.se
Sat May 7 19:58:56 BST 2011

On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I have refused to apply patches which do that, because I want somebody to
>> fix it properly and I am trying to incentivise people to do so.
> Tom, you're talking about integrating OWL, yes? And in principle, that's the
> best solution ... but it's been over a year that I've heard that, and I just
> want to improve things now, in a way I possibly can.

Even if OWL gets integrated I think Mikels solution would still be
better for many changesets (and vice versa). Considering that OWL in
its current form isn't designed to visualize lots of changesets, this
clearly isn't only about big changesets.

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