[OSM-dev] EWG & London Hack Weekend

Matt Amos zerebubuth at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 17:22:41 BST 2011

first, a quick reminder that the Engineering Working Group (EWG) [1]
is having meetings on #osm-ewg Mondays at 5pm GMT. if you'd like to
get involved in OSM-related development, or have ideas about how to
support it, then please come along. this week, we're going to be
mostly looking at "what's the biggest single thing stopping you
developing with OSM data?" and probably a bunch more stuff :-)

for a more hands-on event, i'm looking to start planning the next
London hack weekend (previous [2]) some time in late November / early
December. judging by previous events, it'll be a smorgasbord of
hard-core development, tutorials and hanging around in pubs! if you're
interested in coming along please enter your availability at this
doodle poll [3] so that we can find out when has maximal utility [4].



[1] http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Engineering_Working_Group
[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/London_Hack_Weekend_May_2011
[3] http://www.doodle.com/z5brf6c5wa9biwix
[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utility

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