[OSM-dev] [GSoC] Data tile service project updates

Michael Daines michael at mdaines.com
Wed Jul 4 03:29:09 BST 2012

Some updates on my project:

Last week I worked on feature simplification and filtering, and on building a tile set for a somewhat larger area: California.

I have a demo data tile set posted in mbtiles format. The individual tiles are GeoJSON feature sets as specified on my project page, each compressed using gzip.


This can be viewed using the script/debug command in my project's repository -- it provides a web interface which draws the data using a Leaflet canvas layer.


The tileset was produced from the GeoFabrik extract of California. The data was imported into a PostGIS database with osm2pgsql and then the tiles were produced with this script and config file:


I created a more complete tile set with zoom levels 12 to 14, but it's a bigger file (450 MB) -- let me know if you'd like to have a look. Zoom level 14 includes all features from the extract.

-- Michael

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