[OSM-dev] Implementing usability improvements

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 4 10:26:18 BST 2012


On 07/04/12 11:19, Paweł Paprota wrote:
> I think a lot of things can be improved in terms of the OSM project
> front page usability to bring it more on par with similar offerings
> (Google Maps, Bing Maps). Some of them are listed and tracked in [1],
> true, but I am slightly confused on what is the general direction. Is it
> OK to just start hacking on the website project in github or is there
> some major overhaul coming up and it's better to wait/focus on other
> stuff?

In general, if you feel like hacking on something then go ahead, show 
your results and people will say like or dislike.

If you want to work on something as visible as the front page then of 
course it helps to establish a general direction before you invest lots 
of work; your idea that our front page should be "on par with Google 
Maps or Bing Maps" is probably not widely shared - in fact, there are 
many who say that there shouldn't even be a map on our front page! We 
have many similarities with Google Maps and Bing Maps but we also have a 
lot of differences, and a front page that, on first impression, gives 
people the idea that we're just another map portal is not desirable.


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