[OSM-dev] osm2psql .style file parameters/values

mick bareman at tpg.com.au
Tue Jul 10 02:54:04 BST 2012

My current project requires me to map roads for cars within a large area.

While manually adjusting the data I have found about 40% of objects with incomplete tagging with about 5% of tags seeming, to me at least, of dubious accuracy.

To make the process easier I have attempted to use osm2pgsql to load the data into a database but I'm finding it a bit difficult to get the data organised to reduce manual edits.

I've searched, but been unable to find a good description of the use of the .style files. The file has the following column headings:-

OsmType	Tag	DataType	Flags

OsmType   column contains node or node,way
Tag	  column is clear enough
DataType  All examples are text
Flags	  shows delete, linear or nocache

What other values can be used in each column?
I would like to use a logical data type for items like bridge, tunnel, oneway, ... and small int for maxspeed, lanes, layers, ...

Is this possible?

Another useful feature would be to scan the .osm file for all tags used and the other tags they are used with.

I am in the very early stages of a C program (using GTK for the gui) with the eventual goal of allowing output as database input or conversion to GIS formats. I'm stuck with some of the interface code ATM.

Once I have the data improved I hope to feed it back into OSM (preferably with some peer review as, being human, I can't guarantee 100% accuracy and I don't want to flood OSM with new errors.


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