[OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 13 15:05:24 BST 2012

On 13/07/2012 15:51, Viesturs Zarins wrote:
> My idea is to hide the relations altogether and automatically deduce 
> areas from geometry.
> The user would just click on enclosed area and assign tags to it, 
> never caring about the technical details.
> In landuse mode all the lines should form areas and all crossings are 
> errors in data.
> If there are no crossings, areas can be figured out pretty easily. 
> Depending on geometry they will be saved as simple ways or 
> multipolygons..
> I think I'll make some mock-ups to start a more technical discussion.
There are so many "broken" relations out there, I can't imagine any 
automated fix-up being good enough to let loose on the whole of OSM. 
They will need to be assessed by a human, and possibly fixed by a human 
as well. There are tools like the Relation Analyzer[1] which will show 
you one relation at a time, but you need to enter the ID or search for 
them individually. Something which will allow multipolygons (especially 
admin boundaries) within the current display area to be visualised would 
make life a lot easier. Just open a view on your area of interest, and 
click the button to "show me the boundaries". Correctly formed relations 
highlighted in green, broken relations (requiring human intervention) 
highlighted in red. Then select a broken one, see the constituent parts, 
and fix the problem.

But I entirely support any thought that prevention is better than cure; 
making it easy to build new MPs correctly, and maybe making it 
"impossible" to save broken MPs, would prevent the problem of bad data 
getting worse.

The Dutch have a good expression for the current situation: mopping up 
with the tap still running. Step one is to turn off the tap.


[1] http://ra.osmsurround.org/index

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