[OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

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This is a nice idea !

Most of the time, absolute beginners start with the addition of POI, and it
is often related to shopping.
Having clever dialog boxes allowing to indicate properly
contact information (i.e. phone number in proper format)
opening hours
website ... would be great.

Even beginners get confused with imagery alignment.
Maybe it is a good point to allow manual alignment with elements already in
database (as it is possible in JOSM)

Is it already possible to avoid the automatic connection to existing nodes,
when expanding a way ?

I like the ability to dim / hide some elements in JOSM (such as buildings,
landuses). Having way too many elements visible on screen can cause

I hope that the points above are not too much off-topic !

2012/7/13 Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>

> Hi all,
> Potlatch is five years old and JOSM is over six years old. Scary, isn't it?
> Lots has changed in those five years. Browsers now do natively things that
> used to require a plugin - indeed, you might not even have the plugin
> anymore. OSM's changed, too, from a little-known geek project to this
> behemoth of map data used by millions every day.
> So we need another editor. Not to replace what we have now: Potlatch
> fulfils the intermediate editor role and JOSM fulfils the advanced editor
> role very nicely. What we don't have, yet, is a simple, friendly editor as
> a welcoming way into OSM.
> I thought I'd start writing one.
> So: iD. Pure JavaScript, using the Dojo toolkit (which is really nice).
> It's at a really early stage of development. It doesn't save anything yet,
> nor do any tagging, nor even let you delete things - that's how early it
> is. After all, it'll be much better if the collective brains of OSM and
> elsewhere apply themselves to the challenge, rather than just me sitting in
> a room in Charlbury.
> Fancy getting involved?
> Here's the project page:
>         http://www.geowiki.com/
> And here's the source:
>         https://github.com/systemed/iD
> Throw questions at me (on dev@) or just get started and hack away.
> Between us we can build something really good.
> cheers
> Richard
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