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Aurélien FILEZ kinju59 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 12:28:50 BST 2012

Hi all,

I'm searching history statistics of the french territory contributions in
order to make some graphics about :
- Number of "named roads"
- Numbers of "house numbers"
- Number of kilometers of different types of roads (highway, primary,
secondary, tertiary, residential).

I tried OSMIUM with the last avalable france.osh.pbf, but data are too many
data and cause bad allocs errors on a 8 Gb memory server.

I also saw an osmosis plugin with a patch which does not work since it has
been moved from SVN to GIT.

Actually, I ask myself if it was possible to importe an API 6 data with
osmosis, with full history of each data, and having everything to request
my desired data with SQL queries ?

The goal is to extracts theses statistics, and put it manually in some
graphs on a document, I don't care if the process takes one week to import
and some efforts to produce and execute queries.

(I prefer ask before trying ;) )

Thank you all,
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