[OSM-dev] modtile and apache alias

yvecai yvecai at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 20:44:19 GMT 2012

Le 06/03/2012 20:46, Kai Krueger a écrit :
> yvecai wrote
>> I have trouble to access modtile behind an apache alias.
>> I have tiles here:
>>        OK     (==
>> /var/www/14/8468/5802.png)
>> But if I do:
>>       ServerName dev-yves.dyndns.org
>>       alias /tiles /var/www
>>       http://dev-yves.dyndns.org/tiles/                 OK     (==
>> /var/www/)
>> but
>>       http://dev-yves.dyndns.org/tiles/14/8468/5802.png     404 (==
>> /var/www/14/8468/5802.png)
>> Unfortunately, I'm running out of hosts at dyndns for my home server, so
>> I cannot make a new VirtualHost.
> I don't know for sure, but I think mod_tile doesn't interact well with other
> apache modules, as it uses the raw URI information. So I suspect it won't
> work with apache aliases. However, you can configure the URL under which
> mod_tile responds directly.
> You can either define it in renderd.conf "URI" parameter, or if you don't
> use renderd, you can specify it directly in the mod_tile configuration:
> "AddTileConfig /osm123/ default". The latter should then respond under
> and will look in the tile
> directory under default and also connect to renderd/tirex with the style
> name default.
> Does that solve your problem?
Not really, I have my website content in the home directory, not in 


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