[OSM-dev] Announcement: WIWOSM project

Tim Alder tim.alder at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Mar 14 19:23:35 GMT 2012

next week I want to publish the next big step for the cooperation 
between OSM and Wikipedia:

This project will add an vectorlayer to the OSM-map in Wikipedia. The 
content comes from OSM for objects with key=Wikipedia.

I believe it's a big step because it will give the wikipedia user really 
more information to an object, it will change the working of wikipedias 
geocoding and can perhaps substitude on some points the work of 
Wikipedia's map-workshop. On the other side it will be also a lot work 
over the next months and years to create and maintain all the 
Wikipedia-Tags in OSM to connect both projects.

I create this project together with User:master.

As first step a plan to introduce it in german Wikipedia to get direct 
feedback from there. If everything is fine (and after license-change of 
OSM at first April) I will rollout to all other languages.

Feedback and tests are very welcome.

BTW: What stops us?
I check the new script (see project page) in IE6 and IE7 and it works 
fine, off course also under konqueror, safari, FF and chrome. But in IE8 
it works on one computer and on the other not. (The error message is at 
the end of the mail.)
So if you have a chance to check the script under IE it would be nice to 
give me a feedback. If you find the bug in line 1403 of OpenLayers.js it 
would be wonderful if you can help me to fix it.

Greetings Kolossos

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