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Reed Duecy-Gibbs rduecyg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 12:53:36 BST 2012

Hi Everyone,
My name is Reed and I’m a Fulbright scholar from the US studying urbanism
in Istanbul. I'm working on a web project that will allow the public to map
and discuss urban development proposals and projects under construction –
essentially how Istanbul is changing or could change. The project will be
part of a proposal for the Istanbul Design Biennial's call for projects
under the title

In regards to this project I have some questions and propositions.

First, I’m interested in seeing how this project can integrate with OSM.
However, any urban development that is hypothetical, still in the design
phase, or under construction would probably be confusing to include in
general OSM data. I’m assuming then that I need to create my own data on a
separate server and use OSM as a base map. But, I want to double check this
fact as it could save me a lot of trouble. (In general I would like to
integrate and contribute to existing networks and knowledge bases as much
as possible).

Second, if you want more information or this project piques your interest
and you would be interested in helping please get in touch with me (
rduecyg at gmail.com). Our team is especially looking for people with backend
web development experience. And depending on your skill level this could be
a paying gig (although probably not a lot by general standards).

Looking forward to hearing comments and suggestions.

Reed Duecy-Gibbs
rduecyg at gmail.com
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