[OSM-dev] mod_tile stable version ?

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 14:36:56 UTC 2013

Sven Geggus wrote
> Jochen Topf <

> jochen@

> > wrote:
>> Frederik uses Tirex and it works reliable for him
> As do I on tile.openstreetmap.de. NOP is also using Tirex on
> wanderreitkarte.de
>> This is only solved by somebody taking up the torch and running with it.
> Jepp!
> I currently have a small patch for osm2pgsql here and I don't know what to
> do with it.
> As there is no official maintainer I can only do two things keep it for me
> or just commit it. This is not a big risk in this case, but I would rather
> like to ask for an OK first, but whoom should I ask?

If it isn't a big risk patch, then just commit it.

This is the reason I have always been somewhat opposed to moving from svn to

In the osm SVN repository pretty much everyone had commit rights. Therefore,
if no one stepped up to be the "official maintainer", one could just commit
ones patches directly and everyone using the software could benefit from it.

In git, despite being distributed you can't really do that (unless everyone
has push rights). Although everyone can create a new git repository and
commit their patches to it and technically there is no upstream or official
repository anymore, socially that doesn't work. It just becomes even more
confusing to the user of a software if there are tens of different
repositories they could potentially pull from, each with a different set of
patches. From a usability point of view, there needs to be a single official

If it is more invasive or you do want another opinion, then try sending it
to the new tile-serving mailing list, where hopefully someone will respond
(or just use dev).

Despite possibly being the person who has recently been most active in
committing code to mod_tile / renderd and osm2pgsql, I have been reluctant
to claim the "official maintainer" title, as I didn't want to be the gate
keeper or bottleneck. But perhaps I should just take that responsibility, or
at least make sure to try and be more responsive to patches.


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