[OSM-dev] Server configuration: (Urgent problem) pink tiles while requesting lvl 16, 17 & 18 tiles

Álvaro Enríquez de Luna Muñoz aenriquezdeluna at many-worlds.es
Mon Oct 14 16:20:39 UTC 2013

Hello, everybody.

I am facing an strange issue. A co-worker set up a tile server for a client by using the instructions on this link:


This co-worker isn't working with us anymore, and I am currently facing an urgent problem. Requested tiles from levels 16, 17 and 18 from zones that have never been visited (the app was being used in very restricted areas and now different zones have been enabled) are showing as pink squares. I have read that these kind of requests may fail but they were supposed to be queued and ready to be served after some time. It is not happening. However, zones that users have been using previously, they work just fine (i.e. http://tile.vaivengtc.com/osm/18/126499/102473.png).

You can take a look at the server here:


I have been googling the problem for the whole day and all I found was a firefox bug, which is not my case since it is happening in all the browsers, and this:


which is not my case neither, since the tile's URL seems to be ok.

Since I have never managed this server before, I am scared about making any change because it is a production server, so I need it to be up and running while I solve this problem.

Can someone shed some light on my problem? Maybe pointing out to some helpful link? I would appreciate any help, since I need to solve this issue before next thursday. 

Best regards,

Álvaro Enríquez de Luna Muñoz - CTO
e-mail: aenriquezdeluna at many-worlds.es
Phone: +34 675 933 744 / +34 911 298 111

Augmented Reality Technology

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