[OSM-dev] Chinese spam diaries, an analysis

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Thu Dec 4 11:17:33 UTC 2014

On 03.12.14 17:14, Andy Allan wrote:
> Thanks for the analysis, I hope it provides developers with ideas for
> combatting it via the automated spam filters that we already have[1].

I'd suggest to extend/refine the automated filter somewhat. Say:

* a "novice" ist not allowed to post at all
* a "novice" who did some changesets is allowed to post say once per day
* an "intermediate" is allowed to post say once per hour
* for an "expert" (either subscribed for years or lots of changesets) the
posting limit is waived

One could even think to allow experts to delete other user's posts (because of
spam). Of course a log has to be maintained. And so no "special people"
(moderators etc.) are needed!

And of course the parameters need to be optimized:

* how long is a user a novice?
* is 10 changesets enough to allow him/her to post?
* when does the "intermediate" level start? 2 years? 100 changesets?
* what are the achievements to reach the "expert" level? 4 years? 1000 changesets?

Those parameters could be tweaked on the fly, I'd say.


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