[OSM-dev] Unified Preset Management System GSOC 2017

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Wed Mar 1 22:28:37 UTC 2017

Hello Rohit,

thank you for considering our great project OpenStreetMap.

The Unified Preset Management System is an especially hard task as it
contains a lot of social interaction. The important thing is to get all
major project developers of OSM editors on a table and check out their
expectations and their willingness to join forces.

As you were talking about Python and Django I'm not sure, you're yet
aware what this project idea exactly is about. So as a first step it is
quite important to get to know to presets at all and this is best done
by starting to map. I.e. you should create an account on osm.org and
start to add data in your area using the different editors (JOSM, iD and
Vespucci). Add all kind of stuff: Pubs, stores, streets, street names,
addresses,... this way you'll see existing presets in action and you'll
see the scope and features of presets. Once you know that, you'll get a
much better idea how a unified preset management system might work, what 
it should be capable of and what skills you need to implement it.

Hope that helps as a first step,

Rohit Lodha schrieb:

> Hello,
> I am Rohit, a sophomore pursuing B.E Computer Science at Birla Institute of
> Technology and Science,Pilani. I have been developing websites and managing
> them for the last one year for my college and a start-up that I had worked
> with. I have a huge interest in Python and Django and have build almost all
> the websites using them.
> *I want to contribute to Open Street Map Organisation by working on Unified
> Preset Management System during the summer. * I have worked on many
> websites before. You can have a look at one of the website made and managed
> by me for my college here - http://ssms-pilani.org/
> Can you please tell me how to proceed or any task you expect me to carry
> out to be a part of the community ?
> -Rohit Lodha
> My Github profile: https://github.com/rtgdk
> Gitlab profile : https://gitlab.com/rtgdk

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