[GraphHopper] Disconnected areas

Ludwig ludwigbrinckmann at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 15:18:16 UTC 2013

Following problem: I create a graphhopper app for one of the Greek Islands
and it works. Now I expand the area to include other islands and the same
app (no code changes) does not find the route (start and end point are the
same as previously).

To me this suggests that once I include a wider area that is not connected
to a subarea, it somehow confuses the routing. The exception is an
IllegalArgumentException that says it cannot find point1 and cannot find
point2 (then it also says the two are the same, I guess they are internally
nulled after being unable to find them.).

The bounds for my OSM extraction are as follows:

#Naxos only: works
export LEFT=25.3
export RIGHT=25.7
export TOP=37.3
export BOTTOM=36.9

#Wider Aegais: does not work
export LEFT=24
export RIGHT=28.5
export TOP=38
export BOTTOM=35.2

# Slightly more verbose error message from the error stack:
Error:[java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find point 1:
37.16979166666667, 25.449736666666663, java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
Cannot find point 2: 37.101957, 25.375918,
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Point 1 is equal to point 2]

Any ideas why this is so?

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