[HOT] Logo design competition for HOT

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 10:49:43 GMT 2010

Just a quick reminder. The HOT Logo design competition is receiving entries.


You can have some feedback from the judges if you manage to get your designs to 
me at this stage. The suggested deadline for that is tomorrow (Thu). So now 
would be a good time to fire up inkscape and put together a design. I've only 
received a handful of entries so far, so you'd be in with a good chance! And 
remember the winning design could be something very simple.

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Subject: [HOT] Logo design competition for HOT

It's time we sorted out a logo for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team. We need 
this for various purposes. Something to replace the egg ( 
http://twitter.com/hotosm ) for a start.

I've set up lots of details for a logo design competition here:


The timescales are quite tight (deadline end of the year) because we don't want 
a long drawn out  process. This way we should end up with a new logo chosen by  

Have a read of the design brief. If you have an idea, email me with your design. 

Also if you have graphics designer contacts, maybe you could ask them to put in 
an entry. We only need something simple, but we'd love to see some professional 
designs. I've asked a selection of key hotties to be the competition judges. 
They won't know who has designed what. It's a blind taster test! 

So get your artistic hats on and email me with your designs!

Harry Wood


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