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Fri Dec 2 21:02:01 GMT 2011

ALERTSsp David Leng 
Cyclone Sim Samoa: local power coy. EPC have cut power in most of Savaii as Cyclone Trina arrives
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ALERTSsp David Leng 
Cyclone sim, Cyclone Trina hitting samoa. images released on Facebook : Cyclone sim Samoa
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ALERTSsp David Leng 
Cyclone sim: 20:30 UTC 75 tourists are reported to be taking cover from Trina in Manase, on the north coast of Savaii, Samoa.
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The cyclone is reaching Samoa islands  as reported by ALERTsp.

Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team and GISCorps will coordinate to map those islands. aND there will be good imagery available.

For the time being, Bing Imagery can be used to map Samoa. It is high-res with some cloudy areas. Schuyler Erle is working to give access to  NextView Imagery through the Tasking manager. 

As usual, when accessing a task, mappers can select an area on the map an edit this area from Potlatch2, JOSM or Merkaartor.

We will use OFTC.net #hot channel during the exercise.

Four tasks have been prepared in the task manager .

Samoa Cyclon Simulation (Upolu Island) - Overview Mapping major roads only
Samoa Cyclon Simulation (Savai'i Island) - Overview Mapping major roads only
Samoa Cyclon Simulation (Upolu Island) - Detailed Mapping
Samoa Cyclon Simulation (Savai'i Island) - Detailed Mapping

You will find an Overview map of the area feeded with alerts from samoalert.com 

The alerts will appear on the map as clickable markers. Jean-Guilhem Cailton and I are working to feed dynamically the overview map from the samoalert site using GEORSS xml data. For the time being, we use a local file on the server and will update manually.
http://twitter.com/#!ALERTSsp also produce alerts through twitter. They have already reported evacuations on the coast.

At your map!

Pierre Béland
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