[HOT] Hi-Res GeoTiff or other raster map for Haiti

Olivia Stinson oliviastinson at architectureforhumanity.org
Tue Dec 6 21:21:06 GMT 2011

Thanks Jaakko! Actually we are using OSM to gather a bunch of mapping data,
but we need the aerial to make our own maps also, off of OSM - that's why I
was looking around for this.

I noticed the Bing page has coverage of the area we are working on for the
South Commune, actually. Maybe we can buy that, but I have no clue about

Maybe you can help me with a suggestion. We need to go driving around rural
Haiti actually to map a bunch of stuff we are going to be putting onto OSM
eventually. BUT we really don't have a way to navigate as yet. We are
getting new GPS units tomorrow, a kind that Severin suggested we get... but
I have not seen them yet so don't know about using them for this. Our other
little GPS was too simple to load maps.

What would you suggest for navigating? Stitching together and printing out
GoogleEarth files so we can see where we are? There seem to be a few roads
on there..

Thanks and cheers from Petion-Ville!! :)


On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 3:27 PM, Jaakko Helleranta.com <jaakko at helleranta.com
> wrote:

> Hi Olivia,
> The Bing imagery is available for the OSM tools (Potlach2 via browser and
> JOSM, the Java OSM editor, possibly others). I don't know but am in the
> understanding that it's (as of now) not available for other platforms.
> There may also be a possibility to get access to the Bing imagery for
> other platforms.
> In any case a shortlink to the coverage screenshot of the Bing imagery is
> http://j.mp/bing-ht-May11 .
> If you could send a bit more information what areas you are needing I can
> ask for their availability if they are missing from this coverage.
> For rural areas (outside the earthquake affected areas) it's noteworthy
> that the imagery (that I have seen) through the public/free$ providers
> (such as the public Google/Bing imagery) can be years old. Even nearly 10
> years.
> It would be very good to create a project page into the OSM wiki for your
> mapping activities (which applies for other projects, too, and needs to be
> both done and raised on the talk-ht at osm list).
> As per buying the imagery, I have no idea. But others here do.
> Cheers from Delmas,
> -Jaakko
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> On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 2:10 PM, Olivia Stinson <
> oliviastinson at architectureforhumanity.org> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> We are doing a mapping project for a number of rural communes in Haiti.
>> We really need a hi-res aerial we can put into GIS. Any suggestions? We are
>> working in the South Communes and later in Central Communes, so in this
>> instance the images of around PaP that are available for free via Google
>> won't help me.
>> We are also willing purchase some if necessary - so I would take
>> recommendations for where to buy them and what good pricing scheme is for
>> level of resolution.

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