[HOT] how was the Somoa simulation?

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Tue Dec 6 23:40:57 GMT 2011

Hi Mikel

Its was a good experience both in term of mapping and testing tools. Since it was only a simulation, just few mappers collaborated. I was happily surprised this morning to see that mappers continue to contribute to Samoa mapping. Some people still use the Task Manager for mapping it. Since saturday night, there are many more edit aeas completed and more nodes added as compared to the period of Dec 1-3. Below are statistics that show the contribution of mappers :

Dec 1-3     24714 nodes added 
Dec 4-now 28500 nodes added 

I will examine an extract of the OSM database for Samoa to see what we can conclude from the mapping during the simulation.

We need to give clear and detailed instructions to mappers and make a good follow-up of this. Instructions where probably to succint during the weekend. There where no wiki page. This is surely an important element that should not be neglected. To interact better with mappers, it would also be possible to use more intensiveley, and even more dynamically the Description secton of the Task Page, giving specific instructions to mappers.  For example, when we see particular problems arising, this space could be used to alert people they should take care of specific aspects.

Experimentation with other organisations was linked to receiving lived GEORSS and various layers of information. At the suggestion of Jean-Guilhem Cailton, we both worked at integrating in a Openlayers API solution to map live GEORSS feeds coming from SBTF and Samoalert.com. We integrated the various layers received in the Openlayers API.
url http://pierzen.dev.openstreetmap.org/hot/openlayers/samoa.htm

It took a certain period before we receive RSS. They, in Samoa have simulated a 12 hours cut of communication! But after that we had enough input to test the communication live. And this was working very well. I think that this is a solution to look at to react more rapidly and help prioritize which area to map first.  

As an example, GEORSS feeds produced for The Earthquake Ercis / Van  ( source https://vandeprem.crowdmap.com/reports ) could have help us prioritze areas to edit first. Mapping this feed shows that the majority of destructions reported where near and north of Ercis.

Finally, we prepare a Google document where people will be able to comment about the Simulation this weekend.


Pierre Béland 

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How did it go this past weekend?

Sorry to miss it entirely, had to finish up moving house here.


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