[HOT] H.O.T OSM manual and learning OSM in Uganda

Reinier Battenberg reinier.battenberg at mountbatten.net
Tue Dec 13 21:22:36 GMT 2011


During our first mappinday we had about 40 participants, and 3 walking 
routes. So, in order to prevent overlap, we tried to come up with 3 
different assignments, some of them, on each side of the road.

Gates, being very visible parts of all the walled compounds in Kampala, 
seemed like a good and simple starter feature.

The result does look horrible after rendering. But, this is how our 
neighbourhood is (not horrible, but gatewise): everybody has a gate. If 
you are lucky, as part of a short (service) road that leads to your parking 
space.  (lots of these plots are offices by now)

It might still be an idea to make a difference in the gate that is at our 
compound and the one the other Mountbattens have at theirs



because currently you cant tell the difference, can you?


On Tuesday, December 13, 2011 09:32:28 AM Pierre Béland wrote:
> Douglas, 
> I agree that you should create a job in the Task Manager. You should 
> add detailed description of what has to be mapped.
> What is the signification of all the tags [barrier=gate] that whe see on 
> map ?
> Pierre Béland
> Douglas Musaazi wrote on 13 Desember 2011 17:24
> Notable edits in some of the selected areas of Uganda include:

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