[HOT] Details about the edits in Uganda and the OSM tasking manager

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Sat Dec 17 19:28:44 GMT 2011

Hi Douglas

Congratulations. You have made very good work for the training and mapping sessions. Relatively to the Gate tag, I should have been more precise in my comments. As far as it is placed on walls or fences (and not on higway nodes), it should be ok to avoid confusion with road blocks.

Dont hesitate to ask help from the Internet Community abroad. By example, if you add jobs to the Task Manager, invite mappers through the HOT mailing list. An other possibility, to have some interaction with the HOT Community, would be to use the OFTC #hot irc channel for exchanges during some sessions.


Pierre Béland 

From : Douglas Musaazi 
 : 2011-12-17  05:53:32 

Great thanks to all the comments about the links i sent in the last post, now i can respond to them after some analysis, and also give more details about them;

I have picked alot from your replies and learnt that we are doing almost similar tasks, all the OSM editors have advantages and disadvantages, and we shall be using all of them, only that we have lately been inclined towards potlatch because it is easy to use and spot on: "what you edit is what you get (WYEWYG)" and it enables the practical usage of the internet. Uganda being a low developing country can benefit alot from using the internet and despite the fact that there are various areas without internet connectivity, it (the internet) is growing at a fast pace!!, hence the use of potlatch.

The training has just begun and we have started with a few number of people who will be tested with their skills on the mapping days or future projects that will involve http://www.osm.org, then we shall keep on training more interested people.
It's a 4 hour training for 2 days in a week for the students in their holiday, am actually surprised to learn that H.O.T carries out a 2day workshop that covers the manual.
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