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Mon Dec 19 01:40:06 GMT 2011

During the Samoa Simulation, we discussed how Twitter feeds from ALERTSsp where imported into Openlayers as an Overlay. Since at the time we didnt have a solution to feed automatically, I converted manually the twitter feed into an RSS xml file.

I finally found the solution to show a twitter page as an xml file. The syntax for ALERTSsp Twitter page is 

A simple Parser could then convert Twitter Xml file to an RSS feed. But one problem subsist after converting to an RSS file. In the Twitter feeds, the geographic coordinates are generally converted to a place name. The following article adresses the subject of geolocation on Twitter feeds.

Mapping viewers in Ushahidi and Sahana platforms integrate information from various sources and classifiy the information by categories. Follows a good example of the possibilities with these mapping viewers.

For the Van / Ercis Earthquake, Al Jazeera, with the support of SBTF, rapidly prepared an Online Map  based on the Ushahidi platform. This is presented in the following article : http://blog.ushahidi.com/index.php/2011/11/03/crowdmapping-the-van-earthquake-in-turkey-with-al-jazeera/
We can see the Van / Ercis Earthquake Map Viewer at the following url link : https://vandeprem.crowdmap.com/

Translation of the categories on the map
yardim noktalari            Help Points
ihtiyaclar                     Needs
kurtarma calismalari       Rescue Operations
Pierre Béland 

Mike Dupont 2011-12-04  06:02:35 

> 2. OPEN: the links to twitter are like this :
> http://twitter.com/#!ALERTSsp and not like this :
> https://twitter.com/#!/ALERTSsp/status/142723833089114112
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