[HOT] Potlatch2 for HOT?

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 17:14:13 GMT 2011

Dear all, this is just me thinking aloud; I thought I'd suggest
something and see how it goes,

I've recently briefly spoken with Robert and Nicolas and a issue that
came up is the provision of suitable software to HOT users; as far as
I'm aware, HOT members on the ground are using JOSM with custom HOT
specific key/tag templates.

Elsewhere in OSM, I'm really impressed by Potlatch2 integration into
3rd party sites such as open.mapquest. I love the idea that you can
provide custom web based mapping tools to your users so that everyone
reaps maximum benefit from OSM whilst contributing to the same

Has anyone, therefore, considered a HOT specific Potlatch2 deployment?
I know that Potlatch1 got some Haiti pre-sets added to it immediately
after the earthquake, but it would be great to see a wider use of
this. I propose this as a tool to help users such as myself; arm chair
Hotties who want to help with disaster response from abroad. I'm
thinking of a HOT specific map rendering highlighting the most
important features with an edit link that brings up Potlatch2 and a
pre-set array of keys, tags, etc. that us at home should be looking
out for and tracing.

I think there's a lot of people out there that would like to jump in
and help out from home, but that may not necessarily know the best way
they can do this; a HOT Potlatch2, loaded up with the pre-sets that
people on the ground need, could help lower the barrier of entry into
the HOT world.

What do people think?

Cheers, Joseph

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