[HOT] Christchurch earthquake - what can on the ground OSM mappers do?

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 14:59:54 GMT 2011

To answer your question I've added some suggestions for people in Christchurch 
Is that what you mean by "on-the-ground"?

I don't think we've received any requests for on-the-ground OSM technical 

As far as mapping goes, I think the (rather boring) priority is to survey street 
names in the north of the city. The few remaining areas of missing names there, 
are the only legitimate reason why anyone might prefer google maps over ours at 
the moment.

I'm not sure whether that's the reason the ushahidi instance has not made the 
switch ( http://eq.org.nz/ )  or if they just didn't think about it.

(Someone should hack the layers set-up of ushahidi so that even if defaulting to 
google, it will at least default to also having OSM as an alternative layer 
behind the '+' icon)

Harry Wood

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hi hot team,
i'm an NZ-based osm mapper, maintainer of openstreetmap.org.nz and
organiser of OSM Auckland. i saw the posts this morning on our local
OSM list regarding the earthquake in christchurch.

what, if anything, can we as OSM mappers in NZ do to assist HOT? i've
not been involved with HOT before, so any suggestions of how we can
help are welcome.

OSM auckland has it's first meet tomorrow, so there is a captive
audience should human resources be required


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