[HOT] Japan - Request for mission details

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Mon Mar 14 08:50:20 GMT 2011

Hi there,
on the german forums we requested detailed informations on what and how 
to do to support the japan people.

I understand, thats pretty hard to decide what is right for single 
people, but see, you are the only ones experienced in crisis mapping and 
if there is no comment the community couldn't react.

What should be traced? (Streets, buildings, flooded area...) What has 

 From what resources (pre or post desaster images?)

How should it be tagged? 
doesn't say anything for collapsed buildings etc.)

Coordination by tools like Qualitystreetmap.org?

Some say the post imagery has bad resolution, will there be better ones? 
How about a petition of mappers to claim high res material by the companies?

How to deal with possible displacement of whole japan announced by the news?

I realy don't like it to annoy people and tell them what to do but 
unfortunatly I have no experiences in this crisis mapping job :/


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