[HOT] Japan - Request for mission details

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Mon Mar 14 09:59:59 GMT 2011

Hi Matthias,

As you are aware, your questions are not easy to answer. I hope others
will contribute more detailed answers.

My short answer would be that the collective "wiseness" about this is
likely emerging in the collective tools, like the OSM database itself,
the wiki page (
), and maybe this mailing list. Even looking at the wiki history is a
way to get a glance at this on-going discussion.

Probably, the best collective intelligence emerges when each contributor
tries his best, given his or her knowledge and skills, to contribute to it.

Thank you for doing it in on your own way (and underlining the need for
clearer guidelines).

Regarding imagery, from what I have heard, other images, with relatively
high resolution and likely more extended coverage "should" become
available "soon".

A petition that might make sense to me could to Google, to ask them to
allow OSM to trace from their imagery that they already make available
online, at least in major humanitarian crises, and like they temporarily
did for Haiti last year. But that's a big subject...

Best wishes,


Le 14/03/2011 09:50, Matthias Meißer a écrit :
> Hi there,
> on the german forums we requested detailed informations on what and
> how to do to support the japan people.
> I understand, thats pretty hard to decide what is right for single
> people, but see, you are the only ones experienced in crisis mapping
> and if there is no comment the community couldn't react.
> Questions:
> What should be traced? (Streets, buildings, flooded area...) What has
> priority?
> From what resources (pre or post desaster images?)
> How should it be tagged?
> (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Tags/Humanitarian_Data_Model
> doesn't say anything for collapsed buildings etc.)
> Coordination by tools like Qualitystreetmap.org?
> Some say the post imagery has bad resolution, will there be better
> ones? How about a petition of mappers to claim high res material by
> the companies?
> How to deal with possible displacement of whole japan announced by the
> news?
> I realy don't like it to annoy people and tell them what to do but
> unfortunatly I have no experiences in this crisis mapping job :/
> regards
> Matthias
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