[HOT] Helping Japan by tracing

Hans van Wijk hvwijk at planet.nl
Mon Mar 14 18:24:49 GMT 2011

Hello all,

When I discovered openstreetmap in august 2008, I rapidly joined the
community. I like helping with improving maps at disaster areas around the
world. I was able to do that for Haiti a little over a year ago, because not
much was mapped there yet. I humbly consider myself moderately experienced
and work with the brilliant JOSM package.

I'm terrible at using mailing lists though, am more of a forum guy, but here
I am anyway:

What I did so far in the Sendai area of Japan was not more then mostly
tracing a couple of riverbanks with the small patch of bing high res imagery
there (http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Hans%20van%20Wijk/edits), but like
to do more. I noticed lots of objects from 'MLIT, Japan'. Unfortunately they
look like being more or less obsoleted by the far better bing imagery. The
question is: May I alter them and even delete them if necessary? I'm having
a hard time deciding that for myself. A good example is the natural=wood
patches on Shichigahama. http://osm.org/go/7TQ3Q03h--

The coastline is a mix between natural=coastline and
boundary=administrative. Ideally they should be separate, or not? I like to
also adjust the coastline, but then I also move the boundary, which is
unwanted I assume, right?

Also, I need some reassuring: am I doing some good here?

Hoping to here from you!

Best regards,
Hans van Wijk
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