[HOT] HOT's Mission

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Sun Sep 25 06:37:12 BST 2011

Hey All,

So when we incorporated HOT as an official entity the mission
statement was "Using OpenStreetMap for Disaster Response and Economic

We've also recently talked about the difference between activations
and projects as well.  Meaning that activations are in response to an
event and projects are longer term work in preparedness or rebuilding
for examples.  (Indonesia and Haiti being examples of this)

Sometimes other projects are suggested more in the realm of
development projects.  I don't think there is an argument that having
better maps in developing areas can help people, but is this within
the scope of HOT?  Is it within the realm of what HOT wants to do or
is that "mission creep"?

Some of us on the board have discussed this, but really it is
something that should come from the HOT membership and community.

Anyway, we are interested in obtaining some feedback and having a
discussion through the mailing list.  I will also put it on the agenda
for the next HOT chat.



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