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Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 2 16:28:21 BST 2012

Hi Nicolas, 

Some pre-activation work can be done. 

In the north of Mali, there is actually very little 
information that has been mapped. I think that we can map locally 
without creating to much conflict with the server when it will come 

In JOSM, we cannot import presently from 
nhttp://api.openstreetmap.org/api server. But it is possible to use an 
other server. I tested this morning, and I was able to import in JOSM 
from http://api.openstreetmap.fr/api. 

The Bing Imagery is not detailed enough for Mali. Should somebody start to look for Imagery?

I already added boundaries for Regions and Bamako District. 

I will also take care of importing populated place names.

We can browse a map of Mali  at http://pierzen.dev.openstreetmap.org/hot/openlayers/mali.php.
I includes OSM, Bing and Google Base Layers.

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>Hey all,
>Greets from Haiti where I'll still be until the end of this week on this mapping project in Saint Marc (Haiti). The situation in Mali is evolving rapidly as one can see from the News and from reports on UNOCHA Relief web Mali. We got there a coup, de facto a secession of the Northern part of the country with large displacement issues, the last two events developing on an already bad situation in terms of food security in the overall African Sahel. I'll have a call tonight with one Information Management person from OCHA to get further details there. I'll try to get  ahold on reference gis data additional to what is already listed in the OCHA Core Operational Dataset (COD) registry for Mali. Minimally improving upon baseline data for major cities quoties in the above report shall be of help for responders already active in those areas. I'll revert to the list with further details from the call. And leave us guys deciding if moving forward, how and how
 to best handle this complex emergency where conflicts and food crisis are mixed
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