[HOT] Including natural hazards in the HOSM data model?

David Schmitt david at black.co.at
Sun Apr 8 17:38:40 BST 2012

On 2012-04-07 19:53, Stéphane Henriod wrote:
> Thanks David,
> If I understand correctly, your position on this issue is that:
>     * Creation of OSM-compliant natural hazard data should be encouraged
>     * This data might not be stored in the main OSM repository (planet.xml)
>     * This data should be consistent with existing tags and ontologies
>     * This data should be rendered with appropriate symbology
> In other words, we should aim at a fork-project (openhazardmap.org
> <http://openhazardmap.org> for instance) that will:
>     * Store specific hazard-related data
>     * Store TMS specifications for appropriate rendering
>     * Mashup the hazard data on appropriate data from planet.xml
> Am I right? Anyone having a different opinion?

Great summary. Additionally I'd add

   * OSM(F) should pursue to create/publish/integrate the tools and 
processes to facilitate this.

but that's probably out of scope for this list.

Best Regards, David

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